Detroit Girl Shot Dead ‘While Seeking Help’

This country needs to do away with any law that gives property owners the right to shoot if they feel their lives are in danger.   We need to do away with the ” stand your ground.” law.  Because there are so many ignorant, angry , people out there who think their rights are more than their neighbors.   It is just so sad that some one can not stop at some one’s house looking for help with out fear of being killed.

I truly hope they fully investigate this case and hopefully bring some sort of charges against this guy.

This is the type of case is a case where  one might expect to find Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

This is the type of story one might find on Nancy Grace or CNN, not the Aprina Paul case.

Charges need to be brought.

I pray this family gets justice.

Detroit Girl Shot Dead ‘While Seeking Help’.



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