Aprina Paul Case Is Nothing Like the Trayvon Martin Case.

Well Evansville for a little town where nothing happens , this story put Evansville on the map. What a sad way for people to now know there is a Evansville , Wisconsin.

We came home several weeks ago to find a flyer with Aprina’s picture and information about her being missing on our door.  We also saw these flyers on street sign poles, local business’s had this flyer posted as well.   She did not live far from us.   I knew who she was , we saw her several times in the last few months.  I will come right out and say we never made much effort to get to know the family because I did not like what I saw.    A couple different neighbors told us it was a drug house and from what we saw I had no doubt.  The police were there enough that it did not take much to realize all was not right there.    It was just a couple of weeks ago that the quite a few police cars were there, and Aprina was out on the front lawn sitting , crying.

She was such a beautiful young lady.  Yet from the police presence from time to time , how she conducted her self, and the fact the one neighbor told us she was a prostitute it was not hard to believe.  I think the Aprina Paul story is one parents can tell their daughters and use as an example of the dangers in this world.

Nathan Middleton is a monster but you know what so is his girl friend.   He told her what he did , and she did nothing?  Did not report it?    I think she knows more than what she is saying and may very well be involved more than what she has said.

HOW EVER I do believe his story to a point.   I have no doubt he placed a ad for sex or to ” party” and she answered it.  This was not the first time she had done this.   I also believe the part of his story that she took some sort of drug before having sex with him.  That was nothing new to her either.   Do I believe that he woke up to find her dead?   Questionable.   That he panicked.   I could see that happening because he was on probation and knew if he called 911 he would be going back to jail,  yet cutting up a body and burning it is extreme.  The way Nathan Middleton and his girlfriend acted like it was no big deal and even had smores over this fire..  YUCK.  Some thing very wrong with them.

AS many of you know I followed the Trayvon Martin case very closely.   I was sickened by the verdict.    I think of him and his family often and pray they find some peace.  I truly do believe that George Zimmerman will live a life much like Casey Anthony and he deserves nothing better.

But this case is not the Trayvon Martin case.    Why do I bring this up.   Because I am so disgusted now with her family and friends.   It has become very clear they are trying to cash in on this tragedy.  The story is not even two weeks out yet,  the police worked very quickly,  and a suspect in in custody.    Yet her family and friends are trying to get CNN and Nancy Grace to cover this story?    It is not going to happen.  Her family and friends are doing their best to make this about race.  I had a neighbor tell me that her family hates white people and since we have been here its become clear they may not hate white people , but they certainly do not like them.

This is not a case about race.   It most certainly was not a cover up as some ignorant fool suggested online the other day.  It has become very clear the family is going to try to cash in.

I am sure some wonder why I say it’s not gong to happen.  Well first this is not the Trayvon Martin case.   It is nothing like the Trayvon Martin case.   Sadly Aprina made some very bad choices .  She used drugs,  she was a prostitute.    She answered the ad , and went willingly with this Nathan Middleton.   The two cases are nothing alike.   Sorry Paul family and friends CNN will not pick this up or will Nancy Grace.  If they were going to they would have by now.   There really is no story for them.   She has been found,  a suspect is in custody.   The police have done an excellent job.

On one of the family members facebook pages they talked asked where Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were? Really ?  You really think they are going to come here to cover this?  When there is someone in custody and the police have done a excellent job.   Who do these people think they are?   WHY would you want to try to make this case a circus like the Trayvon Martin case UNLESS you were trying to cash in.    This family/friends saw the money the Martin family has come into since the Trayvon Martin tragedy.  But totally different circumstances, totally different cases, totally different families.

The other problem with going to the Nattional Media do you really want the entire country to know your daughter answered a ad for sex?   That she was working as a prostitute?  Do not drag her name through the trenches any more than it has.   Let her rest in peace.   She will get justice, but it will take time you need to be more patient than what you have been.

I was also taken back by this family/friends petition to CNN asking them to cover it.  They needed someone to write it who knew how to spell, and had good grammar skills.  It was horrible the way it was written,embarrassing.    I may not always have the best grammar skills,  and normally I ignore others issues with it.  It happens .  But if you are going to submit something to a national news organization learn to spell, check your grammar.   I can only imagine what the producers of the show thought when they read it, if they read it.

Then some of these comments her family and friends are leaving on the CNN  page,  are just trashy.   They think that since Nancy Grace covered the story of the little girl missing from  Waukesha County they should have covered their story.  They tried to make it about race.   Just trashy , ignorant comments.  It  says a lot about these people the comments they left. First of all this was a little girl.    she did not answer a ad for sex.

Some have questioned if he will ever be charged with murder?   They most certainly can charge him with disposing of a body.  That sentence is not a long one. I think they can charge him with murder but it will take a lot of work, and time to prove.  Sadly there is not much left to test, and they may never be able to prove how she died.  But people are tried on circumstantial evidence all the time.   But they are very hard to prove.

I am sad for her mother .  I am sad for her siblings, truly heartbreaking and devastating.    No mother should have to bury her child.   Aprina made mistakes but did not deserve to die for them.   No one should die for the mistakes they make.  This Nathan Middleton and his girl friend need to be locked up for a long time.  It’s clear some thing just is not clicking right in either of their heads.  They are dangerous to the community.

I know the Paul family has said they want answers.  Well they have gotten answers.  They just do not like what they are hearing.  They may never have all the answers.  But I will warn them as we found out when my nephew died,  we searched for answers and we got them.  It was horrible the answers we got and it haunts us to this day. It did not help us find peace, it did drag on the grief and mourning .  To this day I wish we did not find out what we did. Some things are better left unknown.

The family has also talked about coming down to Evansville for a vigil.  Really ?  Where ?   This property is private property.   I think it would be beyond devastating to go to where she died.   But maybe it will bring some closure.  The word that was used is they were gong to ‘ trek’ down to Evansville.  I laughed.  Evansville really is not that far.   Many people in Madison talk as though Evansville is in the boonies.

We need to preach to our daughters about the dangers in society,  to encourage them to go on to school to get an education. Raise them with self respect, and self confidence.

The Aprina Paul story is a sad, sad story and could have ended so much differently if different decisions were made .   But it is not the Trayvon Martin Case.


4 Responses to “Aprina Paul Case Is Nothing Like the Trayvon Martin Case.”

  1. Totally agree with you…this case is not about race…(color) One thing I have never understood… why is everything about race (black vs. White) in the USA?

  2. Did anyone else notice how quickly they held this ” fundraiser?” Its all about the money, and media attention they can get. Sickening . What ever will they do when the cameras go away? Which they already have started to. I saw on Aprina’s facebook page that someone said CNN /Nancy Grace told them they had all the information they needed. That from Nancy Grace/CNN sounds like a big blow off statement. Like they are trying to tell this family/friends ” Yes we have it , now leave us alone.” For what ever reason the family/friends seem to think they are entitled to have this story covered by anyone with a camera.

  3. It’s funny , not really , how when someone disagrees with the family or friends they are met with a ” Fxxx” you. Then told by the family or friends how they are going to pray for said person who left the comment. HOW do they even dare to mention God when talking like that? They just sound uneducated and trashy. They also need to learn how to spell and use proper grammar. I am sure their pastor/clergy would be rolling their eyes if they could see some the comments the family and friends have left. They are doing more harm than good. I would strongly suggest this woman’s mother stay off the forums. People are going to say things you do not want to hear, and they have the right to say them. But to answer people’s comments with a ” fuxx” you just makes them look bad.

  4. chasinthenews Says:

    I cringe as well when I think of this mother being on the media sites. But you know what, its news. People are entitled to their opinions. The facts are the facts and they are not pretty. I think it would be much more productive thing to do would be surround her self with family not sit at a computer screen. She will never change people’s opinions. They also seem to want the media attention well you take the good with the bad , you do not get to pick and choose.

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