The Evansville School district FAILS to keep the really good teachers. Ms. Ellie Habrel is gone. A huge loss.

The Evansville school district has lost quite a few teachers over the last two years.   Most left for greener pastures.

BUT  to lose a teacher like  Ms. Ellie Haberl is just truly sad.   She was the best , one of the few really good teachers Evansville had left.    How did I find out about this?

Her mom teaches at Madison West.    I was saddened and shocked to learn Ms. Haberl had left the Evansville school district, not that one can blame her.

We now know where Ms. Haberl got so much of her talent and love of teaching..  Her parents.    Her mom is just awesome.

Her mom subs at Madison West.   I wish she taught full time there.   She is just a wonderful lady and a great teacher.

Evansville schools just continue to go down hill..  growing open enrollment number, loss of the really good teachers.

Evansville residents are paying attention as is shown by the open enrollment numbers.  NO one is ‘ stuck’ anymore in a district that is not working.

Evansville just does not seem to be able to understand that, as is shown by their lack of investigation into this.



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