School Board Meeting Tonight. Check Out The Packet.

I am sorry Mr. CzerWonka.   Your work on this ” Survey” is a joke.   I am sure your not at your fault.  I question who came up with these questions?   I do not seem to see where it asks about how people feel/felt about the school district/high school/ Junior high administration, over all the administration.   Was it not asked because you were afraid to?  They really are not digging very hard to see why people are leaving the district.   Keep in mind Evansville tax payers the district will lost almost a million dollars this year do to open enrollment.   They are a failing district.

So once again the district only asks questions when you are not concerned about the answers.

ALSO take a look at how LOW the numbers are for people leaving the district because of lack of 4k


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  1. The data show that 20/56 surveyed left due to lack of opportunity/rigor. Another 6 left because they didn’t think the district did enough to address lapses in safety. 15 of the 56 claimed convenience issues, which is the segment the administration has tried to present as being the bulk of those enrolling out. This survey indicates that this faction is overshadowed by the “you have no rigor or opportunity” faction. There’s nothing a district can do about the convenience factor, but there’s plenty they can do to address rigor, opportunity and safety. The number actually enrolling out this year is 99, so 43 people weren’t accessed or refused to call back after multiple attempts. The fact that Mr. Nice Guy Czerwonka couldn’t get a response shows how disenfranchised some people have become.

    He also noted that some people had open enrolled their home schooled kids out for certain programs that the district has and they didn’t know about. It shows how terrible the district is at marketing themselves. I think the board was glad to have some solid data on which to base some of the initiatives (communication plan, possible enrollment in JEDI virtual school program, etc) to see what percent of the people who will still talk to the district could be recaptured. I felt vindicated, I know that!

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