Madison West’s Music Department and Mr. Cao

Our son is taking Chorus this year.  I was not at all excited about the thought of him doing this and yes I will admit tried to talk him out of taking Chorus.

Why would I try to talk him out of taking Chorus?  Because I can not stand the concerts the kids are required to go to.  They are always at night, and always run late, way past my bed time.   The other issue is the one down fall Madison West has is the parking available.   There really is none.

So as the first concert date approached I dreaded the thought of it.    Then the night came and we made our way to the auditorium  at Madison West.  First I have to say the auditorium is just incredible.   Just the architecture and history is enough to make people be amazed.  As we sat there waiting for this concert to start you could just feel the excitement from the students and the parents.   I sat there thinking  ” What am I missing? “

I soon found out.   The concert started and just the energy and enthusiasm shown by this teacher and these students was incredible.   After my son’s class had finished their first song and Mr. Cao started to speak the auditorium just erupted in applause for Mr. Cao and this group of kids.   It became very clear , very quickly that Mr. Cao is very , very loved.  By the end of the evening we knew why.

He is just incredibly talented , and he has such enthusiasm and energy it was just amazing.  The kids truly love him, and they love music.   He has every one of those students engaged and loving what they are doing.


I am very glad my son is in his class.

I left that night wondering when the next concert is and looking forward to it.




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