What do you think of OUR Packers? Why is the Vikings color Purple?

I do not think I have watched a game yet this year ( and I have watched them all) that I have not sat their chewing on my finger nails, pacing, or screaming at the t.v .   I am not certain just what their problem is.   Well know their problem is now,  all the injuries and the thought of JerMichael  Finley not coming back this year or EVER is scary.   But he needs to do what he needs to do for his health and family.  We wish him the best .

This year’s Packers though they just seem like our offense has never found its groove.   They have been off for most of the year.    OUR DEFENSE has rocked, they have just been awe some.  I am surprised at how well they have played.

It is the might Vikings we play today.  What are they 0-5?  O.K. , they did win one.    This is the scariest game yet this year.  It is a trap game.   The Vikings are desperate for a win , even though their season is over and they are in the toilet as far as standings.    They still play to beat us.   I sure hope we do not fall in the trap.   We tend to play down to teams we should easily beat.

So why is the Vikings color purple?   Because if you had been choking for the last 50 years you would be purple too!

Go Packers!!!!


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