The right to play sports. Madison West VS The Evansville School district.

Hands down  Madison West wins.     Why?   Because they expect their student athletes to be accomplished off the field as well as on.   They set the bar high ( at least higher than Evansville.) .

IF you want to play sports at Madison West,  you must have a 3.0 grade point average vs Evansville’s measly 1.5 G.P.A.. NOW I will state I do not know if this is school policy or just determined by the coaches.  I have looked through their policies and have not found any ‘ required’ grade point average.  I do know at the Basketball meeting this week parents and students a like were told 3.0 is the rule.

NOW that makes absolute sense.   Does it not?    Students should have to prove they are capable in the classroom as well as the field/court.   NOW in Evansville I made the comment that none of these kids are going to end up in the NFL or NBA.   They just are not.   BUT  the Madison school district has graduated several kids who are currently playing in the NFL and the NBA or who have.

I am sorry the competition and talent level is just that much higher in Madison,  and so should be the grades. Madison West has also graduated authors, actors, musicians and a big part of that was the high expectations put on them by the school.

Evansville is just embarrassing it self by not expecting these student athletes to excel on and off the field.  It shows in so many ways in the low test scores, and the number of kids who actually go to a 4 year college, or tech school and complete it/graduate.

I would think Evansville parents would want better, and I feel sorry for the parents who have fought the school district on this for years, and have had the door shut in their face.


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