Just like 4K is not going to save the Evansville school district, Parkview should not be building.

Your views: Scorecard shows Parkview should not be building

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October 16, 2013

A excellent , well written opinion by a ParkView resident. 

“Here’s the Beef”! Parkview is not Garrison Keeler’s Lake Woebegone, “where all the kids are above average.” The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s report card shows Parkview High’s score at (65.9/100) and the district’s at (66.9/100). Both, a “spectacular” D+. The “Meets Expectations” is a nice, face-saving “smoke and mirrors” description. If the numbers were a few points lower, the Department of Public Instruction would be seriously knocking at the district’s door.

Yep, at 66.9, a great big D+, makes Parkview the second-lowest among the 13 school districts in Rock County. In the county, only Clinton’s score is worse than Parkview’s, and Clinton built a new school recently. Nearby Albany is at 74.1, and Evansville, at 74.2, both “Exceed Expectations” of the state.

“Choice” students avoid the district. The athletics director bemoans publicly that the district’s athletes can’t compete. Declining district population, marginal local jobs prospects and reduced property values add to the dilemma. No one seriously moves into the district for the education! New money is neither available nor expected in the district, and the current product deserves none.

Consolidation with another district is almost inevitable and in fact has already started with Newark and Footville, where years of improvements were/will be all but given away. Parkview schools have no business building new buildings to soon follow suit. A report card that “Significantly Exceeds Expectations” of the state is Parkview’s only cost-effective path to salvation.



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