Morgan Ingram- Her mother has some crazy stories.


I have posted on this young lady before.   I feel for her family.   But the more reading I do about her , the more convinced I am she did commit suicide and her mother in particular just can not accept it.

What her mother does not tell you in her blog, and she has creatively edited things from police reports , is the drug paraphernalia they found in Morgans room.   The pictures showing Morgan doing what other young ladies do , testing out the wild side.  Her mother tried to delete those but some one had already copied them before they could be deleted.

Morgan’s mother is trying very hard to claim she was stalked and murdered.   But clearly she was not.    The police did not believe it then or now.


These parents I am sure have a lot of guilt.    But they have no business accusing anyone of murdering their daughter.   There is no proof.


She committed suicide,  or it truly was a accidental drug over dose.


Read the reports on the internet , not just on this woman’s blog.    She is trying to make up her own truth instead of dealing with her grief.


In the end just very sad.

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