Madison West Is A AWE SOME SCHOOL.



AS all of you who follow this blog know I find the Evansville school district less than impressive, troubling, and just a general pain in the asx.   They fight parents on every turn trying to think they known more than the parents.   They fail to listen,  they fail to make changes when its proven their plan is not working.  They allow bullying .   They put sports before academics.   They just flat-out do not want parent involvement especially at the high school.

After years of fighting with them to get decent programming for our daughter we pulled her from the Evansville school district and she worked online and with a tutor.  Evansville high school administration had given up on her.     Example:   Algebra.   They could not get her to understand and do algebra.    The tutor we hired had her doing algebra within two months of working with her.  He did not give up.  She blossomed with his help and has much more confidence with math now.    After the many discussions and fights with the administration and after pulling her from the school we had to think long and hard .   Do we want our son going to that high school, where incompetence flows through the halls by one to many staff and administration?


Our son does really well in school.   He needs to be challenged.   Some thing Evansville does not do.    The last straw really was when we went to register him for classes at the Evansville High school and there was very little for him to choose from, that interested him.   IF HE had his way he would have taken three gym classes this year because there was so little to choose from.  The curriculum at that high school has changed very little in the last five years .( when our oldest graduated.)   In fact they have less to offer than they did five years ago.


My daughter and I had already checked out several Madison Schools.   WE had a long talk with our kids.    With our daughter being a senior this year, and our son a freshman we asked them how they would feel about changing schools.    YOU would have thought  our son would be very upset about leaving his friends and the only school he has ever known.   HE WAS NOT.    HE was very excited about the change.     I was shocked.    But then , and only then did he started telling me about some things that went on at school.    He is not a complainer or whiner or tattle tail and after hearing about the things that went on,  I wish he was.


SO in early JULY we registered our kids at Madison West.     I am so super impressed.    THE  Curriculum rocks!!    IT’S  a damn book of classes to choose from.   They have honor classes which they placed my son in several of those, and they have advanced classes as well.   The number of honors and advanced classes in just incredible.   I am so excited for both of our kids the opportunities are endless at that school.

They also need more math and science to graduate,  why would you not in this day and age require 4 years of science and math and English.

The teacher’s we have met our just up beat, creative, and positive.    UNLIKE some teacher’s in Evansville who you would swear had just come from the dentist, who always have a negative feel to them.

Each student is assigned a counselor and associate principal.   For a school of around 2000 , each student counts and they keep a close eye on all.


ONE of the best parts????     THE class sizes!!!    They are between 20-23 per class.    THE SAME as Evansville.    IN  fact in Evansville some classes are bigger than that.    That is just so impressive.

LETS NOT forget the academic clubs after school.   They have more  clubs than sports programs imagine that!!!!

They also have tutoring offered.   Why does Evansville not do some thing like that?   Because teacher’s want to be gone at 3:15, that is why.   They do not want to have to be responsible for organizing youth tutoring programs,  or teacher tutoring programs.



I am just so excited for our kids.   It is such a big, pleasant change from the failings of the Evansville school district.


After seeing what West, and Middleton and Memorial have to offer  Evansville just can not compete.


Madison is a short drive away,  I know of several families who drive their kids to Madison daily for school.

I wish we had done this sooner.

They most certainly will get a better education at WEST  than anything we could have hoped for in Evansville.


Our kids are so excited and so are we.    Just a good , positive  change.


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  1. We made the change three years ago to Madison West and we have no regrets. We work in Madison so the drive is no big deal. The education they are getting at West is far superior to any thing Evansville offers. The attitude up there is just so much better.

  2. Maybe we will see you up there some time.

  3. How were you able to register in July if open enrollment was closed? How did you choose West against other schools like MIddleton , Verona, Oregon?

    • chasinthenews Says:

      We compared schools over the last year. Touring Oregon, Stoughton, Memorial, West, Middleton-Cross Plains..

      We compared A.C.T. scores among the schools, for this last year Madison West came out on top. We also looked at their NCLB scores compared to other schools.

      We met with school administration, and talked with other parents.

      I do not believe any where in this post did I mention enrolling through open enrollment.

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