Read the packet for tonight’s school board meeting.–august 14 packet.pdf

Oh my goodness this thing reads like a soap opera .  Please go to  ‘ Naming School District Facilities and Events.’

They want to name the football field after Ron Grovesteen.    Why?  One of the requirements is exemplary character.    Have we forgotten what a , sexist pig he is?   Then lets not forget about his actions away from school.

Lets not forget he and Brian Cashore got the district sued a few years back because he is a sexist pig and harassed a young , female student.   He did not watch out for her at all during practice and she became injured because of negligence.

Should we talk about his feelings about soccer and those who play it and the comments he has made about those who play soccer?

He surly thinks he is all that, but when was the last time he won a state championship????   Ever???

But its the good old boys club at this district and they will reward his wicked behavior by naming a field after him, some thing he does not deserve.


They are going into closed executive session to discuss personal  history of specific persons  .  Please let it be Ron Grovesteen they are talking about and discussing.   The man supposedly has a personal file 6 inches thick of different complaints against him.      I can not imagine who else they are discussing, but who really knows.


Katy Fisher a teacher at the high school is resigning.   But they want to charge her 500.00 for damages?   For what ?

liquidated damages.?


So Ron Grovesteen is going to coach M.S. boys basketball so he can call them names, as well as the football players.   Nice.


Take a few minutes and go through the packet there is some interesting things in there besides what I pointed out.

Its on the school’s web page under board meetings.    Just click on their link.

or use the link below

Also in the packet you will find.

august 14 packet.pdf.

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