The janesville gazette is a desperate paper.

I have no problem with any online paper/blog (because at best that is all the janesville gazette is) charging for people to read their content.

But the gazette is truly desperate thinking people will pay 30 bucks a month for online access.  They clearly did not research what the normal pricing is before launching this new version of their blog.

I have subscribed to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for less than 10 a month for online access,  to the Observer for less than 5.   Channel 3ooo is free and picks up the Rock County stories before the gazette does , and I will repeat it is free!!!

They have been desperate for a long time at the Janesville Gazette because their paper if failing.    Less circulation every year,  no real interest in paying 30 a month for online access.  Ridiculous for the crap they write.

To make people pay to read the online obits really?    That is desperation.

Do not pay to read their crap, to many other resources with reporters who know how to write a story.

Free online resources for current news,  not day old like the gazette runs.

The Wisconsin State Journal

Channel 3000,  by far the best so far..

The Milwaukee Journal Sentential ( they allowed so many free reads a month before charging.)

The Chicago Tribune



FREE, FREE,   why pay for it?



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