What grade would you give Jerry Roth?

I would give him a F.   Just a simple F.      That was the first thought.  Then I realized I needed to be a little more fair and look at all.

I would give him a C-.

So if I were to grade him as district superintendent over the last year I would think he would have  administrators in line and bring improvement to all schools.  His administrators have made him look like a fool at times during the board meetings and through out the school year.

He does not seem to get that.   BECAUSE he is friends with them he just looks the other way as they continue to do things that are negative for the district.

He has done little to improve public perception, to improve the PR relations with the families in the district.   The school district has had a huge PR problem for years.

I bring this up because tonight the school board evaluates him.  I have been to several board meetings since he took the helm, and I had such high hopes he would change things or attempt to change things.   He has been a huge disappointment.

HE thinks he’s great make no mistake about that.  He has quite a opinion of himself.  NOW someone please tell me why we are paying him more than we did Heidi Carvin , at least Heidi has experience as a superintendent.

The truth is the pool of candidates for this position was not that great.  We got what floated to the top ( ego makes one float) and Jerry floated to the top.

The enrollment has continued to decline under Jerry, which costs the school hundreds of thousands each year.

Lets hope the school board tonight sends him a clear message tonight,  there is a lot of room for improvement and we/they need to start seeing some real changes.  The honey moon period is over.

Quit blaming Heidi,  the blame falls on him from here on out.

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