Please go read the packet for tonight’s meeting.

The packet for the board meetings really tells the story of what is going on.    I have scanned and enclosed in this post Valarie Peck’s resignation letter.   She taught  Social Studies at the high school.    She really lays it out there.    Most resignations letters thank the school district for allowing what ever person to be employed by the district. ( good grief.)

But she does and does not.   Click the little orange  link to read her letter.   I applaud her for having the honesty to write that.

The Evansville school district has lost a few teachers this year do to budget cuts, and unhappiness with the district.

Maybe if we could administration pay and increased their hours they would quit.   One could only hope.

BUT  go through the packet on the districts website, under board meetings..    This is not the only interesting thing in the packet for tonight’s meeting.

I am also not surprised to see that for their ” GED” program so far they have had only 4 kids show any interest at all.  ONLY  4.      It’s because of how you treated these same kids the first time they were enrolled in the school you have had so little response .    Who would want to come back and be bullied and harassed by administration and staff again?

IF  they do not get more than 4-5 kids it will be hard to justify this program VS the cost.


Ms. Pecks resignation letter.




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