George Zimmerman trial. Are prosecutors proving any thing?

Unfortunately I think he could very well walk.   The prosecutors have done well with what they have.. but as I have said before I think 2nd degree was a stretch.

I feel definitely man slaughter.    I would think the jury is going to have to scratch out all the testimony they have heard about who was screaming for help.  Because of course family on both sides are going to say it was their friend or their son.   That seems to me the most unsubstantiated part of the testimony.   If I was on the jury I would just try to disregard the testimony on both sides about that.  There just is no way to know.    In my opinion it sounds more like a boy/ man.    I think it is Trayvon.   But I have never heard Trayvon speak and never will so its hard to say.

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN if that is you screaming on that 911 tape you scream like a GIRL! !

It will be a sad, sad day if  zimmerman walks.

I hope if he does walk ,  I hope he has to hide for the rest of his pitiful life, like casey anthony.


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