DO not let teacher’s or administration blame poverty.

What should be the proper reply when teacher’s and administrators try to use that excuse?    BALONEY because it’s just a excuse.   Especially for here in Evansville.

When I called Rock County Social Services they told me Evansville has less than 1% home less people.    Their definition of home less is having no where to sleep at night.

That is not to say there is not poverty in Evansville.   There is .    But our administration and  several teachers I have listened to have tried to blame poor test scores on poverty.  Baloney.

IT”S  the attitude of the teacher’s.    Some have given up and do not think they have to try.    Times have changed.  IF they want to keep their jobs they will have to start showing results.  Poverty or not.    I know of several kids who would be labeled ” poverty level. ”   They happen to be high honor and honor roll students..   So poverty does not mean squat.

Many kids who live in poverty want out of that life style , want more and they work very , very hard.      Evansville is NOT Madison, or even Janesville , Beloit where poverty and bad attitude  at times can seem over whelming.    Evansville teacher’s have no idea what it really means to teach a class where a 1/4 of them are living in poverty or homeless.

Those Evansville teacher’s who tried to blame poor test scores on poverty should be a shamed of them selves.   They have no idea.

The attitude and moral of teacher’s has been crap the last two years and yes it effects how well they do their job.   IT RUBS off on the kids.    IF teacher’s can whine and complain, and make excuses so can we.

Poverty can not be used as an excuse or Evansville schools will continue to fail.


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