The George Zimmerman trial.


Guilty or not guilty I think the single most thing that bothers me the most.  This guy has not shown one ounce of remorse.  NOTHING.  NO sincere apology.  NO comments suggesting he is sorry.  No tears.   Nothing.

What he has done is lied, and lied again.   Carried a gun for neighborhood watch when he was told not to.  Followed Treyvon Martin after being told not to.The judge has ruled often in the prosecutions favor.   The one thing she ruled against them on is they can not bring in voice experts to say who was calling for help.   But when the 911 tape was played and you could hear some one crying for help Treyvon’s mother got up and left the court room.    A MOTHER knows her child’s voice.

I will add the Judge had already thrown George Zimmerman’s family out of the court room, because they are potential witness’s.

A neighbor who testified also stated it sounded more like the younger person hollering for help,  and she had heard both their voices.

Some analysts have questioned if some of the prosecution witness’s have helped the defense.  As the one witness said he saw Treyvon on top of G.Z.

I think the prosecution has had more positive from the witness’s than negative.  It has helped them more than the defense.

The prosecution can not just put on witness’s that will help them, they are supposed to be going for Justice , not just a guilty verdict.

George Zimmerman in my opinion is very much a racist.   He was very much a wanna be cop.    He is a liar.  Lied over and over again.


I can not wait for the first Officer who interviewed G.Z. to be on the stand this week.   He is the one who wanted to charge him with murder that night.   Did not believe his story.


I truly believe they will find him guilty, maybe not of 2nd degree murder but of manslaughter.  The prosecution so far has done a good job.  Laying things out that is very understandable for everyone.


I think George Zimmerman just thinks he is untouchable.


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