Scott Everson ‘ begging’ kids to come back.

So Scott Everson has been calling different families in the district.  Families who kids have left the district and are home schooling or doing online classes.
He is evidently telling people they have a program now of 13 hours a week to help kids attain their HSED.

How ever the majority of these kids who he is
basically begging to come back.

They are kids and families who he and Brian Cashore made their lives hell when they were enrolled in the school.

Parents who he called every day after following their kids around looking for these kids to screw up.  Kids who could not sneeze with out getting in trouble .  Now he wants
them to come back to supposedly help them?   He and Cashore did not want them there when they were there, now he wants them back?   Laughable.

He told the one parent he had 72 families to contact.   72 families.   That is a huge number.  Now maybe its  a number he just through out there but sadly I bet its true. That tells you how many kids they have driven out.

As  a couple of parents have told me..  they told him  ” We do  not need you, we have been working with the D.P.I. and online classes..  We do not need you.”

Another parent told me they told him what he could do with his program, as he and Cashore did nothing but make their lives heck when they were there.  They are not going back.

You are losing hundreds of thousands a year in open enrollment and the problem truly does start with your administration.   I remember when Scott Everson tried explaining at a board
meeting that these kids who are leaving  ” are not kids we want in our district anyway.”    Really?     This is the attitude he has and now he is begging for  ” these” kids to come back.

After they have been stalked, taunted and harassed by administration.   It’s your administration that does not belong in our district.

The majority of parents will not be so stupid as to subject their kids to the likes of Everson or Cashore again.    It must pain Scott Everson to make these calls.



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