Couple accused of starving horses in court | News –

What some people fail to understand is horses are very expensive . They are not like a dog or cat.  They need a lot of nutritional food and health care.   A dog or cat you may only take to the vet once a year, with a horse you can have a vet out several times a year.

I get very upset when I see take such as Craigs list,  people giving away horses.  It happens way to often.  I try to contact the person and ask them to contact the Dane County or what ever Humane society is closest to them for help.  Because people see free horses and some real inexperienced weirdo’s with no idea start  contacting you asking for the ‘free horse.’…

They are expensive.  Simple.   We have always been lucky with the health of our horses, we keep them at my brothers.  But they are very well taken care of,  but not every one is that lucky.  They have a neighbor whose horse has been quite sick and the vet out often.

Some times people just get into things and had no idea what was involved.    Some times people are just cruel , ignorant people and do not care they are starving a living thing.

I wonder how they would like to go with out food?

Couple accused of starving horses in court | News –


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