Jerry Roth please wake up , the honey moon is over.


To put it the nicest way I probably am capable of .    Jerry Roth has been a huge disappointment so far as superintendent for the school district of Evansville.   I am not certain how long he thinks he can go on blaming Heidi Carvin when some thing goes wrong.  She has been gone for a year now.


I am not certain how long it will take him to realize his administrators are making a fool of him.  They come so unprepared to board meetings and have inadequate answers when questioned by the board they should all be very embarrassed , most so  Jerry Roth.    Have you ever taken the time to read a report a couple of these clowns wrote that were presented to the board?   They better hope to god their high school students are doing better than they are when it comes to writing reports.   Very unprofessional.


Several of these administrators seem to think they are invincible.   As though they will be protected no matter what they do.  I would think the one year contracts most received would send a good strong message they are not so untouchable.   Except for of course Brian Cashore who got a two-year contract, but then again when you are buddy, buddy, with Jerry Roth, he knew he was not going to get any thing less.


The honey moon is over Jerry Roth.    It’s time to get your administrators in line.


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