IS the Evansville school district finally understanding parts of open enrollment?

At the May 13th school board meeting they discussed the results from the open enrollment period.   It was a relief to see they are finally understanding they can not take every single applicant who applies to come into the district.   k-5 they do not have the room, and denied any applicant because of class sizes.

Grades k-5 and grades 9-12 any special education applicant would be denied because of the ability of the district to offer services.  They have their hands full now with the case load they have.

They have a hard time providing the required services they should give for the kids they have.  Thank goodness they finally understand that, they can not handle any more.  Take care of the kids you have.

Evansville once again got spanked in terms of how many are coming in to the district and how many want the heck out.   No student should have to stay ever, when a school can not offer what they need or want.



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