Congratulations Mason Braunschweig. Newest School Board Member.

He was selected to fill in  Sharon Skinner’s position which she resigned earlier this year due to illness.

When I first heard this I was not impressed at all with the thought of him being on the board.      The more I thought about it the more I really like the idea of him being on the board, of course he is not Melissa , but he has potential to really make a difference much like she did.

First tHe is not wishy-washy.  He is a leader.   The board truly needs some leadership.

He will be budget minded.   He is getting tired of the city taking the heat for the high taxes.  So I am sure he will more than likely make sure some cuts are made.

He will not let him self be pushed around by administration and my guess will call them out on their b.s. pretty darn quickly.

I hope he takes the opportunity he has.


Mason we do not expect you to save the world, just the Evansville School District.     No pressure.


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