Heidi Carvin. I Apologize.



Better the devil you know..

Be careful what you wish for..


When Jerry Roth took over as superintendent I was excited to think ~~Finally some one with new ideas.  Who will make positive changes.”~~     So far he has failed.

What he has managed to do is tie up his contract for the next year, before the teachers.

Turn teachers against administration.   Attempt to turn teachers against the board, put the board against the administration.   He has and is slowly trying to make it a hostile work environment and other.

He would like the teachers to believe its the boards fault the district is in the place its in.    It is not.

I will state again , as I have before the administrations contracts should not have been done before the teachers.   That they should not have done.   Not with the budget like it is.

Administration k~12 has failed to come to the board with any real plan for the budget.   Kind of the same crap they came to the board with last year at this time.

He is making Heidi Carvin look damn good as an administrator.




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