Mandatory after school home work time at the J.C. Mckenna ???? Who is responsible?



A couple weeks ago I and other 8 th grade parents received a email from Mr.Flaherty .  Principal at J.C.Mckenna middle school.     He stated in this email if your child had home work that was not done they from now on would be required to stay after school on Thursday nights and do their home work.

Really?   Over stepping just a bit there Mr.Flaherty?     Evidently the 6th and 7 th graders have lived with this all year.

The fact is Mr.Flaherty did over step.   He does not have the authority to order such a thing.  Because quite frankly SCHOOL HOURS are spelled/printed very clearly in the hand book .  Students are required to be there during those hours.   HOW EVER NOT doing your home work in not a  PUNISHABLE OFFENSE.    ITS NOT UP to MR.Flaherty to make sure kids do their  home work.

IN FACT more and more teachers are telling students at the JUNIOR HIGH and the HIGH SCHOOL that home work really does not count for any thing.    Some teachers do not even put a grade on home work at the high school ,  SO WHY should students put the time and effort in if they get nothing for it.  KIDS need to see some thing for their effort even if its minimal.  The fact that home work helps them prepare for tests and helps them to remember things does not compute with most of these kids.


But what it really comes down to is parents are not making sure their kids are doing their home work.    That does not give Mr.Flaherty the right to step in,  but where are these parents?

So there is blame to go around parents need to be tracking their kid’s school obligations better and teachers need to stop telling students home work does not count.  It all counts.


Really this just shows how desperate the teachers and Mr.Flaherty are at the Junior High.  Because according to over 60% of the NCLB,/Common core results these students are not showing yearly gains or scoring at advanced or proficient.   This is not on the parents.   This is because of no   game plan by administration.   They are failing.



****  I have talked with several of the parents of 8th graders my son’s friends.  NO one has gotten a call about their child staying after on Thursday nights.   So either my son and all his friends do their home work or this is all just b.S.  by the Junior High.    The way it was explained to me it falls on each teacher to have the child stay, and guess what these teachers do not want to put in the time any more than the students do.

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