Common Core Stakes Moratorium Proposed By Unions As National Standards Face Backlash

So there is/was back against the W.K.C.E. testing , now there is back lash against the National Standards?  So to put it quite simply teachers and schools to not want to be held accountable and do not like any thing that shows what they are or are not doing.

Schools nationwide have had plenty of time to get their acts together.

I however do not think it would hurt to give them more time, with the understanding if given more time like the two years.   There will be no grace periods or excuses after that.

I look at the Evansville School District and realize with out some major changes they are not going to make the  current deadline to get every one to proficient or advanced.

A good part of that is ATTITUDE the attitude right now by teachers in the EVANSVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT sucks.    Morale is low.   There are a lot of changes coming and they do not like it.

Take a look at PARKVIEW AND ALBANY who both are smaller schools with less money than Evansville .  YET they are winning awards for academic success .

IT goes to prove it does not take MONEY to achieve academic success.    IT takes good administrators and teachers with a good plan which I absolutely do not believe Evansville has one.

Some of the work that my 8th grade son has done this year has been nothing but busy work.   Especially in READING.   It’s like they do not have a clue about how to reach the goals they need to reach.

I WILL ALSO POINT OUT TO PEOPLE AND ASK,,, WHY do we have a remedial reading class at the high school?     By the time kids get to the high school for both MATH and READING THEY should be ready to rock n roll…  THAT is ridiculous  that by the 9th grade we still have students who do not read at grade level.  By this time the school has had our students for 9 years, what the heck are they doing with them during all that time that they can not read and do math at grade level?

IF you question them on it as I have.   They find a way to blame the parents.    The fact that many students do not show yearly gains is unacceptable.     Just for the reasons I have given show why it is so very important that our schools and teachers be held accountable.

NO one else gets to collect a pay check and benefits without showing results teachers have to be held to the same standards.

Common Core Stakes Moratorium Proposed By Unions As National Standards Face Backlash.


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