Discover Wisconsin: Being Bullied Into Not Reporting Bullying in the Evansville School District.

There was  a rather ugly situation this last week on one of the buses.   A high school girl was posting on Facebook, and telling friends that another high school student , a young man was picking on and bullying a junior high student.     The male high school student was calling this young man retard, and gay.  Making comments about how gay people are disgusting.

This was reported to Jerry Roth who dispatched duties of investigation to the Junior High principal and A principal at the Evansville High School ..  I feel very bad for this high school girl who told what she saw and heard.   AS the  so-called principal at the high school accused her of lying and told her he did not believe her.     This girl does not lie.    She had no reason for saying this about this high school boy other than he said these things to the junior high student and it bothered her.   She knew it was not right.

She was also told by this principal that she was not to talk about it again.    Really I was not surprised by the comments and laughable investigation by the high school principal because they have made this comment to many kids over the years.  Telling them they can not talk about it anymore.     So what are kids to do when the bullying continues?    Ignore it?

This behavior/bullying  by the principals at the high school has gone on for years.   My daughter was subject to it.   That is why the issue of bullying has never gotten better in the Evansville school district because they do not fix it, they just call people liars and threaten them if they dare to speak of it again.   They have gone as far as to threaten to call the police.

But yet when a witness comes forward telling of bullying/harassment they saw and they are told by administration/principals they are liars, and they are not to talk about it again its called  intimidation of a witness and it’s illegal.

I can think of a dozen kids who have had this problem at the high school.    This abusive behavior has gone on for years in the Evansville School District.

Recently a psychiatrist in Madison told me ” Evansville school district has so many problems on so many levels and bullying is just the tip of the issues.”    A sad way for the Evansville school district to be known.


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  1. chasinthenews Says:

    The one great thing about this is students are learning to hit ‘record.’ on their phones when being questioned about some thing at the school. They know how this/these principals are. It does prove to be a ‘ gotcha’ moment. A win for the students who are trying to do the right thing. IF you are wondering Wisconsin is a one consent state , only one of the parties has to consent to it being recorded.

  2. My son has a learning disability and had a hard time following lectures in class, taking notes etc. We purchased this pen that would record what it heard, So he recorded the class lectures or home work instructions. It was a great way to help him and it kept him doing the same work as the rest of the class. We started having problems with Brian Cashore in 2006 over a few things. He called my son into his office one day and accused him of several things, called him a liar and basically threatened him as you describe. The entire conversation was caught on this neat little pen my son had. We played it for Heidi Carvin and that was the last time we had any problems with Brian Cashore. I do not even think we heard his name the rest of the year. Brian Cashore will bully and harass certain kids if you allow him to. I strongly suggest all kids record conversations at school when being questioned or accused of some thing be it by teachers or administration. There are many at the junior high and high school who lack any real integrity. I have to wonder how Brian Cashore still has his job .

  3. chasinthenews Says:

    its important not to lump all the schools together. we have not had near the issues at the Junior High as at the high school. It’s all about attitude . The attitude at the High School by principals and staff many think they can do as they please. But that attitude comes following Brian Cashore’s lead. He has been there way to long. Unfortunately Scott Everson has followed into his foot steps. Heidi Carvin let them get a way with murder, so I am surprised you got any results going to her with your recording. But then again its hard to dispute a recording. I will agree not a lot of integrity to be found at the High School. I agree more kids need to record their conversations when asked or confronted about some thing at the schools. There are all sorts of recording devices besides phones and pens . Most not to expensive and good quality.

  4. About 12 years ago when I was a sophomore, I got hazed by some of my wrestling teammates in the locker room. They held me down and gave shaved the top of my head. I never really cared to have my jerk teammates punished. Given the choice, I’d rather have had the people who stood by and did nothing punished to let them know there are consequences for inaction. In the end, only two guys on the team got a couple game suspension. I think my parents and I could have pressed charges, but nobody seemed to be itching for us to do that.

    And now, my wife homeschools our kids. I wonder why that is…

    • chasinthenews Says:

      I am so sorry that happened to you that is horrible. I would have pressed charges you were kind. But the bullying in Evansville schools is horrible . It is particularly bad at the Junior High and High School. You are very lucky your wife can home school your children they are lucky kids. The principals at the high school are horrible when it comes to stopping the bullying they just threaten the kids who report it, as in this girls case. Be very grateful your kids do not go to the Evansville school district, they are getting a better education at home and do not have to deal with being bullied and teased.

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