W.K.C.E. testing should be a little outside the box.

I am still thinking about Wisconsin’s pitiful W.K.C.E. percentages for those students who scored proficient or advanced.

1.  Not all kids test well.    That is well documented.

2.  Why not have a W.K.C.E. test that is half and half,  part written and part hands on?   There are a lot of kids who can show you how to do some thing or explain it orally . But have a really tough time choosing correct answers or putting things into words.

I am sure why this has never been allowed and probably never will be is it would be way to easy for teachers/schools to cheat on the hands on part of the test.

3.  I have always thought it was ridiculous that LD kids are supposed to test proficient and advanced as well, when it their daily studies they do not.   That is why they get special services.

The kids have really become the guinea pigs in all of this.


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