Lebron James is a THUG.

Lebron James really has never really cared for what people think of him.   He is much like I , I say what I think.   If I do not someone I do not pretend like I do.   I can not stand phony people..  But that is it.   Lebron James makes millions and millions a year.     We expect him to act with some class.

I give respect when it is given..  Respect is earned , not just given because of who you are.

I like people for how they treat people,  not what their name is,  or their title.

Lebron has acted nothing but like a thug during this play off run against the Milwaukee Bucks.   When he dunks on them or hits a crazy shot he does this ” primal like scream.” in the faces of the Bucks players.   Even the announcers have made comments how very unnecessary it is.   How it shows poor sportsman ship.

It’s pretty easy to tell the Bucks indeed with get beat by the Heat.   But there is no reason for Lebron James to act like a  ass, thug,  creep.. what ever you may want to call him.  I find thug most fitting.

Dwayne Wade has also shown some disgusting disrespectful behavior .   Very disappointing as he is a former Marquette student, from Wisconsin.

Lebron James  is a role model for none with this behavior he has shown.  .


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