Would you vote for a referendum?

At the school budget input meeting Thursday night there was a suggestion of a referendum brought up by a parent.   This is a parent who took the time to come to this meeting yet has not been following the antics of the administration.   If he had I doubt he seriously would have suggested such a thing.

When it was first brought up a while ago my first thought was ” no way.”    But given some time and after listening at several board meetings I would if the following happened.

1.  They continue with their plan to knock the block schedule out at the Junior High.   It would save them money,  the kids would get math and science daily which they have to have to compete.   This also needs to be done at the high school  .

2.  They lay off all the teacher’s they have planned to lay off     OR  they make cuts to benefits and pay because the teacher’s can not have it both ways and still have a functioning budget.  That is just a fact.

3.  Some of these lay offs were because of declining enrollment.   There should be no question a certain amount of teacher’s have to go.   We can not keep teacher’s and staff on just because we feel bad about laying them off.   This is the real world.

4.  This money from the referendum needs to be used to improve things, not to keep up what they already have.   IF they use the money to keep up what they already have the money and referendum just becomes a band-aid it does not really fix any thing.

5.  We do need a technology upgrade as well as new text books.

6.  The administrators all take pay cuts next year.    Is it not nice how they got their contracts done and got what they wanted but figure the teacher’s should only get what’s left over?

7. The residents of Evansville also need to remember that once the High School is paid off in 2020???  They are going to want to build a new Junior High.

8.  Implement Merit pay, its going to happen at some point so they need to start looking at how and when to do it.   That is one way to help raise test scores, when teacher’s start to take it seriously.   Right now they act as though they continue down the same , sad path they have been on and they just will not work.  The district will never meet the goals it has to with the attitude of some.    They also get more federal and state money when they have merit pay.

9.  You make cuts from co-curricular activities.  I am not saying cut any thing out , just find ways to trim the budget like maybe coaches taking less pay.

10>    When  Lou Havlik retires next year at LEVI LEONARD.  go to ONE principal for both T.R.I.S. and  Levi Leonard .  If the principal at T.R.I.S. can not handle both buildings replace her with someone who can.  Good grief  2 principals for 5 grades..  There is no reason for it , what a waste.   Despite claims by one of the current principals who claimed that a principal/administrator can not have more than a certain amount of students and staff under her charge the Wisconsin Department of Public instruction said there is no such law, regulation what ever she wanted to try to call it.

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