Parkview seeks feedback in steering district’s future — GazetteXtra

Where are they going to get the money for some of these plans/ideas.  There last two referendums have failed and they are losing on average a 100 kids a year.

Nothing has improved enough in that district to make anyone think another referendum would pass.

When referendum passes it’s a sign tax payers are happy with how a school is being run.   It’s like a reward for doing what you should be doing.

If Evansville has any thoughts of a referendum for things they should have done and paid for years ago I can almost guarantee it will fail.

The schools are not run well.   We have a administration that enjoys making enemies of teacher and staff.  We have a school board that can not make hard decisions.   So they are floundering around.    IF one is not good at making hard decisions stay off the school board.

IF you are not good at listening when people try to warn you, stay off the school board.

I will say one of the biggest issues with the school board is they are all either friends, or related to some one who works in the school district.

I am really surprised by how many people are related in this town, they should really be careful of inbreeding, for some I fear it’s to late.

No one wants to lay off their friend/brother/sister/cousin are tell them they are not getting a raise or keeping their benefits.   But it needs to be done.

We also already pay outrageous taxes in part because of the school.  People are not happy.   The district has become a joke.

For my first two years of high school I went to Albany.   My junior and Senior year I went to a private christian school.

My sister went to a private school for a year and a half before graduating from Albany.

My sister went to Evansville for  a while.

Back in the day Evansville was considered a good school.  People. found ways to come to our district.  Now the flee.

I remember parents talking about Albany schools back then how they are now talking about Evansville.   Most agree on the fact Evansville just can not compete, it fails in the college prep area,  and testing.  It really does remind me of Albany.

Parkview seeks feedback in steering district’s future — GazetteXtra.

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