Ellie Haberl receives Kohls Educator of the year award.

Ellie Haberl is an English teacher at E.H.S. and if your child has never had her as a teacher they are truly missing out.  She is just out standing.     She is a teacher who if she ever said”I need 90,000 a year to stay here at Evansville and teach .”   I would be the first one to say ” Give it to her.”     I would also be advocating for the district to pay for her insurance and buy her a retirement home in Florida.    They should also pay for college for any children she has or may have.    She is just that out standing.     She truly loves what she is doing and it shows.   She gets kids who normally would not be engaged in learning to jump right in and be involved and engaged.

The above statement is saying a lot coming from me as those who follow the blog know.

But I just can not impress enough what out standing teacher she is.

Not all teacher’s are the same.  They are not all like Ellie Haberl.    I wish more of them were.

She is just out standing  , please give her a big congratulations if you see her at school or around town.

Congratulations Ellie!


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