Budget In put meeting tonight.

This easily could go down as the biggest waste of time.   Below is what I submitted on the school’s website under the budget input link before they removed the link.

I had several people question where that link went.   So I told them just to email board members.  Below is what I submitted before the link was removed.  The fact they removed the link goes to show they really do not want to hear from the public,  you know the people who pay very high taxes in part because of the school.

I am writing with some thoughts on the school board budget.   I know that all of you would like to blame the majority of  these issues on Gov. Walker when it comes to the  mess you are in.

But the simple truth is you have done it to your selves.   The board and  administration has been warned for years about declining numbers and money and have failed to make any substanial


There is plenty of blame to go around    . The board is as much at fault as administration.  Because the board gives the last o.k. for the budget.,  for expenditures.

The teacher’s are also to blame.   They have been greedy and felt entitled for years and look at the toll it has taken on the district.

First you have failed to addressed the issue of all the students fleeing the district through open enrollment.  That is a lot of money.    Being you are in the financial trouble you are in  the joke really is on you  that you have not taken this issue seriously.

I have been told by staff members of certain classes at the high school that have less than 10 students in them.   Why are you paying a teacher to teach classes with low numbers.   That is a huge waste of money.

Take a good look at what you are paying coaches.   WHY did teacher’s come forward last year and took pay cuts  yet  you are still paying these coaches the same as they were?   Why have these coaches not come forward and offered to take pay cuts ,   or take very little pay?

Sorry to tell you but Evansville is not a sports power  house yet some in administration like to pretend we are.

You need to have better curriculum choices at the high school.  You  are so being out played by almost every district around you when it comes to better and more curriculum choices.

Why  would you allow administrators do work out there contracts before the budget issues were worked out?    Pretty convenient how they made sure they got what they wanted, and now they are out to screw the teachers.

My cousin subs within the E.S.D. and its embarrassing some of the things going on.

I  do think money has to be spent on technology and new text books.   It’s a shame the board and administration has allowed our district to get so far behind everyone else.    I know for a fact the Junior High is very text book anemic.

Well that is about it.


In the end the school board and administration will do as they please  regardless of input.    They always have and that is why they are in the mess they are.  It all circles back to them.

They like to act like they know so much more than the taxpayers , but by the mess they are in it goes to show they are not.   It is just a act.


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    I was right.

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