School Scoop: ECSD Press Release Link Below


Very good article by Melissa.



School Scoop: ECSD Press Release Link Below.






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  1. I have followed your budget and proposed cuts for a while now. I must say I am very disappointed you do not treat all departments fairly. You will cut teachers, staff, and programming but have hardly looked the way of extra-curricular items. It’s embarrassing to think you would cut teacher’s but not look at this area. Your curriculum at your high school is embarrassing. Get rid of some of these out dated classes like foods and some of the meaningless art classes.There needs to be more classes that mean some thing after high school. Foods and making jewelery is not it. We take our kids to Madison West. We have taken them out of town for school years because of what you lack in leadership and direction. Our kids will be college ready which is more than I can say for the majority who graduate from the E.S.D. I checked ” I have no children in school.” It should be ” I have no children in your schools.” We go where the quality is and E.S.D. is not it. I only wish we were not stuck paying taxes for a school that is not worth the tax rate .

  2. I posted this on the district website under budget input. I have to wonder if it will be read or go right to the shredder. They do not seem to pay attention to any thing they do not want to hear. That is why we transport our kids every day to a different district.

  3. chasinthenews Says:

    In all fairness in some ways Evansville is a good school. They have some work to do but most schools do. No district is with out issues. Try to remember they have to work with what they have. Money is just a big issue right now.

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