We will be voting for Melissa on April 2nd.

We have known Melissa since she was first time on the school board.  I have found over the years there is no one who knows the ins and outs , the facts and figures of the school budget better than Melissa.   What I have always been very impressed about with Melissa is her willingness to listen.  As a school board member she always took the time to explain things when I asked.  Even after she left the board she is someone I have consistently gone to when I have questions.  She has kept her self informed about what is going on in our district by going to the school board meetings. She is very open-minded and fair .   She has always been very dedicated to our school district and working to do what is best for our schools.  She will work hard for all the students and families in the district.

Melissa Hammann is the best candidate for the Evansville School Board.

Please remember to vote April 2nd.

2 Responses to “We will be voting for Melissa on April 2nd.”

  1. Thank you kindly for your endorsement, Chasin’. Your unwavering support has been a beacon in a long night of campaign drama.

  2. chasinthenews Says:

    Melissa you have always been someone of honesty, integrity and taking the high road when others have not!

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