Why a schools reputation matters.

It matters because parents do not have to send their kids to Evansvllle.  They can pull their kids at any time from the school and send them to any number of bigger , better districts.

Not always bigger districts there are schools in the area our size that provide more curriculum choices.    Why is that ?

How are schools our size doing more?

Evansville used to be a district people sought out,  now they flee and the numbers leaving grow every year.

Parents can search and research looking for good schools , just like they research and look for a good doctor for their child.   Parents talk to other parents about what they think of the Evansville school district.

Evansville at this time is not making the grade .   They lack any real curriculum choices.  The gifted and talented program is lacking.   NO parent should have to pay for advanced classes for their child,  but many parents in Evansville have and do.

It’s the same for having to hire a tutor.  No parent should have to hire a tutor.  What are you doing with these kids 9 months out of the year 7 hours a day that parents still have to hire a tutor.

Parents talk to other parents about different teachers and different schools,  different classes.

I am sure most districts wish for the old days when parents were stuck in the district they lived.   The best thing that has happened in decades is open enrollment.

That is why a schools reputation is very important and right now Evansville s  is not so good.  Just take a look at the numbers of families who live in the district yet have NEVER sent their kids to the Evansville School District.   It’s about reputation and about what Evansville does not offer and the attitude of school staff.


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