What will future Evansville School District employees look like?


The few school board meetings I have been at lately where they have discussed the employee handbook.   Where they have discussed possible cutting of benefits.   Where there has been talk of a very anemic looking budget.    As I have sat there knowing there really are not choices at this point because of lack of money.     I worry about the type of employees the E.S.C.D. will attract.

I will come out and say I think those who make the least should lose the least.    The teacher’s aides ,  custodians, and secretarial staff.    I strongly feel they deserve more pay than they will ever get.    The things they do and put up with.   Most would not.

The teacher’s aides,  we have some absolutely out standing teachers aides.   Mr.Frank.    I can not say enough good things about him.   HE is just an out standing advocate for the kids,  he works well with all,  treats all with respect  and truly care about the kids .    He would make an outstanding teacher.    I have watched him make connections with some students that teacher’s have just wrote off as not worth the time.     HE  is just an outstanding human being, and does things that some teacher’s either do not have the time for or do not want to do.    I would hate to think that because of budget cuts we could end up losing out standing employee’s like Mr.Frank because he may be in the future could get better pay or benefits else where.   IT would be a true loss.

Mrs.  Hauri  just a super nice lady who I swear knows the curriculum better than some of the teacher’s.   She works tirelessly and patiently with all kids encouraging them every step of the way. She would be a huge loss as well.

It feels as though every year they cut  some teacher’s aides.    Clearly administration has no  idea how much these wonderful people do.   They deserve more respect than they get.

So with the possible cuts I worry about what will the next round of employees at E.C.S.D. look like?    What type of employees are they going to attract?

This is not just Evansville .     Districts throughout the State are dealing with these issues.

IF you have not read Mr.Roth’s article in last week’s  Review.    I urge you to.    He talks about how we need more money to run the school as it should be.


It will be very sad to lose some very good employees because we can not compete with the private sector.



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