Chicago school district to close dozens of schools.

“After months of suspense and anxiety, Chicago school officials announced Thursday that they planned to close 61 school buildings, nearly 13 percent of the total number of schools in the district in what shapes up to be one of the largest mass school shutdowns in U.S. history.

In addition, another six low performing schools will get complete staff turnovers, but the facilities will remain open.”

They have known this for some time.  Administration tried to warn them during the  strike.

The blame game has begun.    Why keep schools less than half full open?    That is a lot of money they could save.

The teacher’s union is pushing back? No surprise there.   It’s not about the students it’s about their jobs first.

It’s like with the budget for the Evansville school district.   The cuts are going to have to come from some where.   Be it benefits, salary, lay offs.    It will come from some where. None of the choices pleasant.

The point I wold argue with the Chicago school district is you have to get those LITTLE kids to school safely.   For  some of those little elementary students it will go from being almost right next door to where they live. to almost a half mile away.   For elementary kids that is just to far , especially in some of these neighborhoods.,0,6209792.story


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