Some times bad things happen. Some times the bad thing is called Gov.Walker

Some times bad things happen.   When some thing unfortunate happens in your life what do you do?   Do you pick your self up, dust your self off and decide which path to take to make things o.k. again, to adapt to the changes that have come into your life  or do you sit around complaining and have a nice ” poor me” party.

Over the last several months I  have been asked which side am I on the Union workers (public and teachers) or on Walker’s side/team.

I have made it very clear  I did not originally vote for Gov. Walker.   I signed the recall petition .  I voted against him in the recall election.  Pretty simple.   I will not vote for him when he runs again.   Snoopy could be his opponent and I would not vote for him.

HOW EVER  Gov. Walker’s approval ratings are now at 50%.    I think that’s the highest it’s ever been.

What  I am tired of is the attitude we are finding in our schools.    I DO NOT WANT TEACHERS OR STAFF BITCHING ABOUT ACT 10 TO THE STUDENTS.   MOST parents do not.   Unfortunately that is exactly what is happening.  Students are hearing way to much about the troubles of the teachers and the challenges they are facing.

Over the years I do not how many times I have heard teacher’s  preach  ” some times bad things happen, you have to decide to rise above it.”    or  ” some times you may have to work with some one you do not like, get over it.”    These are just the start of examples of things I have heard some say.    The point being is teachers preach, preach, preach, about adjusting to bad things that happen in your life.

English: Scott Walker on February 18, 2011

English: Scott Walker on February 18, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How ever teachers in the Evansville School district are doing a poor job of doing what they preach.    I realize moral is low , but come on it’s been two-year since ACT 10 came into play.   TWO YEARS.

Do you know how many people in the private sector are still not working?  Do know how many people in the private sector have lost benefits completely ?   Have had hours cut?    Have not gotten raises well before this ” recession” ?

So to hear teacher’s still whining and fretting is just old.   They are embarrassing themselves.

They need to pick them selves up, dust them selves off and adapt like everyone has.   They need to follow the advice they give their students.

Maybe down the road ACT 10 will be thrown out all together.     It very well may be.     But it will never go back to where things were.   There is just no un-ringing that bell.

Administration in the E.S.D. could have done a better job with the transition of these changes.     Maybe not telling certain teachers there hours are being cut by more than half during class time.    Certain administrators have been very unprofessional in the Evansville School District.

But it is also very unprofessional of the teacher’s in the Evansville School district to bitch and complain to students, not all teacher’s have done this but too many have.

It’s time to move forward and stop disrupting the education of our students.

I will end with changes in education need to be made but Gov.Walker went about it in the wrong way.

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