Meet and Greet March 27 at Real Coffee at Daun.

Meet and Greet March 27 at Real Coffee at Daun

Melissa M. Hammann, 2013 Candidate for Evansville School Board, invites you to a “Meet and Greet” session to be held at Real Coffee at Daun on March 27
Topic: Fiscal Responsibility and District Budget Awareness
Come explore the fiscal challenges the district faces now and into the future. Find out the approach I advocate for helping to close the predicted $840,000 deficit next year. Bring your fresh ideas to the table to enable the district to stop reeling from annual financial shortfalls.
Date: March 27
Time: 7-10 AM at Real Coffee at Daun, 18 E. Main St., Evansville
Ad endorsed and paid for by Melissa M. Hammann

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