So long Greg Jennings… The Packer’s can do better.

I do not care for diva’s and Greg Jennings over the last two years ( some would argue and say earlier than two years) he has become a diva.  He probably always was .   He is not worth the money he demanded.  He is getting older, he has been injury plagued the last two years.  He has been a negative presence in the locker room and showed a disrespect for the Packer’s and his fellow team mates, especially Aaron Rodgers.

Greg Jennings is only good with a good QB, Christian Ponder is NOT a  good QB.   He is not even close.

When looking for Greg Jennings in January.  Check his house.   He will be home watching the Packer’s in the play offs wondering why he ever wore purple.

Good Riddance!!!


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