Q2. In what ways might you foster stronger communication between the school board and all school staff? The school board and the community?



Maybe the teacher’s and staff should try coming to school board meetings.  Before the building of the employee handbook , which replaces the working contract.  Before the employee handbook came into play ,  you seldom found teacher’s and staff members at school board meetings.   Once in a while if some thing was on the Agenda they personally wanted approved they would come.  But they get the hell out of the meeting when their issue had been addressed. They did not stick around to learn what else is going on in the district, or to try to understand where the board is coming from in their decisions.

With the building of the employee handbook some do come now, but not nearly as many as you would think.  The last meeting I think there was 3? teachers and 3 support staff.     That was it.  So how concerned can they really be?

I have been to many school board meetings where there is not a single teacher or staff member.  Just the board, administration, Melissa and my self.    It’s lonely for the board when no one comes to see what is going on in the district.

WHY should the board have to have better communication with the staff , if the staff clearly has made very little attempt to have communication with them.   Really all teacher’s and staff has to do is pick up a phone.   I have called many board members and they have either answered or returned my call ALWAYS.    I also send emails and I have always got a answer back.   It’s not that hard.

Are the teacher’s looking for board members who will kiss their butt?   Chase them around and see how they are feeling?

The community is always welcome to come to board meetings, call board members or email.     I will also add that the board on bigger issues does post notices around town and in the paper trying to draw people’s interest in the bigger issues , and often the turn out is still very low.

Really the community is just not paying attention.   The school board tries.


Good Grief.


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