Who was your favorite teacher?


In this day and time with all the issues with public schools and the budget issues.  With teacher’s fighting Act 10.

It takes me back to simpler days.     I attended a small school.    A whopping 42 kids in my class.

I actually had several teacher’s that I still remember today.  At the time some of them scared me.   But as I got older I really enjoyed talking with them.

Mrs.Coplien who taught 3rd grade.  But really what she taught was cursive writing.    Do you realize they really do not spend much time on that anymore in schools today.  Just enough to get the basics and that is it.

Not Mrs. Coplien  she was in it for perfection.     As far as back as I can remember I only remember her having gray hair up in a bun, and glasses.   She scared me.   She could be quite demanding in what she expected.   But I went through school with some of the best , legible writing skills compared to some in my class.

I saw a lot of Mrs.Coplien growing up.    As she and her husband went to my church.    I think back there was more the attitude  ” it takes a village to raise a child.”     Because if you did not behave in Church ( it was mostly the boys who had a hard time sitting still.)  she reminded and scolded them for the rest of the week at school.

After high school when I would go back to the Church I grew up in I would look for her.   I grew up to truly enjoy talking with her and appreciating  her.   I recently stopped at the cemetery to  see my grand parents.      I sadly found Mrs. Coplien there as well.    I had no idea she had passed away , mostly because I no longer go to that church and have lost touch with many who did.

Thinking of her and her husband makes me smile, truly a special lady and teacher.


Mr. Terry Astin.   He taught history for over 30 years.  He just retired a few years ago.   Just a great teacher,   a great person.   He truly cared for his students and enjoyed what he was doing.  He and his wife also went to our church.   We just knew to behave when he was around.   I do not remember him ever yelling, but you just respected him because he treated everyone with respect.

Mr. Roger Wells,   he was the gym teacher but doubled as the math teacher.  It was funny.   But I never saw him give up on any kid.   Ever.

Mr. Mickey Martin for up to a couple of years ago still taught nearby. He has now  moved into administration at some school in the Green Bay Area.

Mr. David Botz who taught Tech Ed, which I only had that for a semester in Junior High, but he was the Cross Country coach as well .    He was great.  He had a way of motivating people in the classroom and on the field.  We went to State several years with him as our fearless leader.     He is also now an administrator  in Little Chute.


It was such a different time then.   Teacher’s came in early,  they stayed late,  they took work home.   THEY did not complain and whine , if they did we never knew it.

They did not expect to be compensated for every last thing.    They treated students and parents with respect.    Teacher’s back then were much more willing to work with parents.

They appreciated it when parents were involved.

The good old days ..  some could really learn from them.



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  1. Dr. Miller hands down. He was my organic chemistry prof. in college. He was the reason I did my MS in organic synthesis. He was a tough cookie who didn’t buy into the scientist stereotype of illiteracy (you can do science so you must not be able to write a cogent sentence). Our lab books had to be written like a professional presenting a paper. He did more to prepare me for my career than any other teacher.

    Mrs. Hohenstein, fifth grade teacher. She was a lovely person who helped me adjust to moving to our new elementary school district. I hated the school (we came in the middle of 4th grade) and she helped me find my way in a much more brutal city district from an outlying rural district where everyone was family. I will never forget her kindness to me.

    Mrs. Bernstihl, eighth grade algebra teacher. She gave me hope that my math aversion was not due to lack of ability but lack of confidence. She was followed up by Dr. Marchand my junior year of college who taught me my (by this time) math phobia could be overcome. She taught me Calculus 5 and it was the only math class I got an A in and enjoyed to boot.

    These teachers were my heroes. Kind, encouraging and downright amazing!

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