When a teacher’s union threatens to sue a school district,… it shows what it’s all about GREED BY THE TEACHER’S.

Every one does remember that Scott Walker WAS NOT recalled?   That the majority of those who VOTED LIKE what Scott Walker is doing.   That the teacher’s do not have the support of  the majority of Wisconsin.  That the majority of Wisconsin people who voted feel teacher’s have gotten too much for to long, and it’s about time they live with what the rest of us live with.

Maybe these teacher’s in Janesville are trying to ignore those little facts.   I hope the school district stands firm, and follows through with terminating anyone who does not sign the individual contracts.   For now it’s the smart thing to do.

Do these teacher’s realize how awful it makes them look?   These teacher’s should be glad happy they have a job.  They make more than a decent wage.  They have very good benefits.   What a bunch of whiners.

Many people yet today, unemployed, no health insurance,  have run out of savings and unemployment is done.   Yes I am talking about college educated people who would jump at the chance to teach and have a job.

They need to remember Scott Walker got did not get recalled for a reason.  People do not like Unions and they are tired of whiny teachers.

They are especially tired of teacher’s and schools not producing results, good results.. but still have their hands out wanting more money.

They really should come and work in the private sector .



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