If some thing happens to me, I want my kids with you.

That is the TEXT I got from my sister on Sunday night, at 11:30 p.m.     I have talked on here a bit about my sister going through a nasty divorce.   It helps to write about it.         Because what my sister has been through in the last few years , I never dreamed she would go through.

She is a smart, beautiful , educated woman.   She graduated from law school top of her class,  has had her own successful practice.    Yet for years she was abused at the hands of her husband and she never said a word to anyone.   What makes it all worse her husband is with the Division of Criminal investigation in Iowa.   He is a cop.

After she finally got him out of her house , he continued to threaten her, stalk her,  make her life as much hell as possible.  Because  he ” was cop.”  he thought he could do as he pleased.   He kept track of almost all things she did in a journal he kept for five years.  Almost everything she did.   She basically was living with her stalker.

Those journals have come back to bite him though as the Judge in their divorce case has ordered them turned over to my sister and her attorney.   They are having them analyzed just to show how unbalanced he is.

He fought her for custody of the kids.   She wanted shared custody as a compromise he wanted full custody .     He lost.   They will have shared custody.

When he learned he had lost his  fight for full custody he became enraged.  That is when I received that text from her.    I of course immediately called her.

She has always had a home security system but she has now added to it.  Having security cameras placed outside the house.  She keeps the house and garage locked 24/7.

I would like to think my soon to be former brother in law would know if any thing happens to her, they will look at him first.   We will make sure they do.

But he has been a cop for so long and done as he pleased for so long ,   I worry he thinks he could get away with harming her.

He is a huge control freak and these journals show just how much of a control freak he is.

She has called the police on him before, and they side with him.  Because of course he is one of them.   The one cop actually saying to her ” you need to stop being such a bitch.”

I have offered to go out to Iowa and deal with her EX…. I will not put up with crap from him , cop or not.      I will also go to his superiors with the pictures she has of the bruises.

Some thing she has been too afraid to do.

The man should not be caring a gun.

She jokes about him going  ” Drew Peterson ” on her, but we all know that is not funny.

I am hoping and praying with time things settle down.

It just still amazes me that my sister would find her self in this place at any time in her life.      It just goes to show domestic violence happens at all levels.  To those you least expect.


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