Can you imagine losing 8.7 million?

I am not certain if the Madison School District truly believes they are going to lose that much, or they are trying to scare people.

That would be a lot to lose.    The Evansville School District is looking at its own budget woes but I can not imagine losing 8.7 million.

If gov. Walker is truly looking at pushing for schools to become privatized,  pushing private schools he needs to make sure the private schools are in better shape than what they are.

If private schools are going to get tax payer money,  they have to show positive results just like the public schools and so far they are not doing that.

I can not imagine trying to create a budget knowing you may be 8.7 in the hole from the start.   Good Grief.



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  1. This is because Madison foolishly presumed the state would pony up $100 per kid in revenue cap increase this year, after the $50 a kid public schools got last year. Madison business manager should be shot. They did this two years ago when they “lost” 15 million. For some reason, they believed the state could magically come up with the standard $200 a kid increase like always and they got squat, thereby “losing” 15 million dollars. They built their budget assuming the state would pony up and then had to make cuts. So here they are doing the same stupid crap again this year and got bit in the backside to the tune of 8.7 million. Guess they don’t learn. Our business manager factored in what schools were told they would get back in October when everything looked rosy for state revenues, which was only $50 per kid revenue increase. Madison should only be in the “red” for about 4.35 million, but living in the land of la, they believed some stupid politician when they said, “We’ll get you $100.:” Now, lo and behold, the fearless leader has frozen the revenue cap. That has “lost” our district $90K for our about 1800 kids, bringing the projected deficit up to about $840,000 for 13-14. Ah, the intricacy of school finance.

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