QS 4 . Merit Pay.

Do you think teachers and other school district employees should receive merit pay?  This is the question the teachers group/union put to the  perspective school board candidates.   If you have not already read Melissa’s answers please  do so either on the Observer or on her blog.  Links at the end of post.

The truth is eventually Evansville is going to do this and these teacher’s know this.   It will happen.  It may take a while , but it will.    IT will not matter who is on the board, no board member is going to be able to save them from this.   I say save them from this because MOST teacher’s I have talked to or know of are opposed to this.

BUT WHY?  What are they afraid of.. IF you are good at what you do , you get more money..   That is a win.  I think some of them know they are not that good at what they do.  Maybe when they first started teaching they were, but anymore they have been slacking.   Not all teacher’s in the Evansville School district are good teachers that is just a fact.  Just like any where else.
What I would be afraid of is how it is carried out   IT needs to be fair.  I believe it will need lots of school board comments and over sight.

Sorry teacher’s it will happen eventually and like I said no school board member will be able to save you.  The district is in to much of a financial quandary to ignore that money they could get.

Any perspective board member who tries to say they would not support this, in not paying attention to what is happening in our schools and funding.

Quite frankly it’s about time teacher’s are graded.

I encourage you to read Melissa’s answers .. She really understands the districts issues and has nailed perfectly every question asked of her.  She knows her stuff.




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