The truth is IF Sandy Spanton Nelson were to be elected to the Evansville School Board it would create problems.

When I first heard that Sandy Spanton Nelson was running I was really surprised.   Because it is such  a conflict of interest for her to be on the board and I would like to think that even she could see that but I guess not.    It’s not ethical on many levels.

She has taught in the district for years,  and does substitute.    I  thought there was a rule no teacher could be on the school board.  Because of the conflict of interest.

IF  Sandy Spanton Nelson were elected to the school board it would cause several problems.  First when there is a vote on teacher contracts/pay ,  employee handbooks,and retirement benefits.    She  ethically should recuse her self from that vote as she teaches,  is friends with many of the teachers ,  is friends with administration,  her daughter and daughter in law both work for the district.

Her daughter is the head of the teacher’s union group and it quite involved in making sure the teacher’s get what they want.

The problem with her recusing her self is it is very possible we would end up with a 3-3 tie.   What happens when there is a tie on a school board vote?    THE SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT is the tie breaker !   Holy smokes , YIKES..       That is just not a good idea .   That is why there is a school board.   To help balance the powers and authority.

I  am very disappointed in Sandy Spanton Nelson for running because of the ethical issues and problems it really could cause.

She tries  to use the fact she has worked in the district for 30 years as a plus.  I do not see it as a plus at all.   It’s a negative.

We need people on the school board who are not personally and emotionally effected by the choices the board makes.   Some one who can be objective.   I absolutely do not see her being at all objective.

So please consider these issues when voting .


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  1. I think the one scenario you may not have thought of. If she were to be elected. A vote on benefits comes up, she recuses her self. What happens when the rest of the board during their discussions realizes it could be a tie vote. So one of them changes their vote just to keep it from being a tie vote, and thus not allowing Jerry Roth to cast the tie breaker. Changing their vote to keep it out of the hands of administration , not voting for what they feel is right necessarily. If she were to be on the board it has the potential to compromise the entire board. I will not be a party to that and I hope others do not either.

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