The Evansville School District is not Janesville, Milton, Madison, Oregon, Park View.. Albany, Brodhead and ……


Sorry for the rough cutting job from this week’s Evansville Review.  The story was written by Halina Zakowicz.  But I wanted you to be able to get an idea of what they were actually saying at the last school board meeting.

1. WE are no other district but our own.

2.-  ARE our administrators suggesting the way to save/.earn the school district money is by ADDING another sport?     To pay for the cost  of the co/extra curricular activities we should get rid of a staff member to help cover costs?     This article was in this last week’s Evansville Review 03/06/2013/   .    Halina did a very nice job covering this.

SORRY adding another sport to the district is NOT going to bring in students.  BECAUSE any sport we can add,  any other big school around us ALREADY has.   Schools that have more/better curriculum and programs.

Good Grief it is scary the way these grown, so-called educators think.  These adults are going to sink the ship.

I just laugh thinking this was the best these so called educators/administrators could come up with ?   Good Grief.    They did not put much thought into this at all.

The job that is eliminated to help cover the costs of co/extra curricular activities maybe it should be one of their jobs.

IF you want to bring students to the district,  administration and attitude of teacher’s has to change.  That is a big problem contributing to students leaving the district.

On to another interesting point.

Administration would like to end  ” Cash in lieu” of insurance.

WHY in the heck was this ever allowed to begin with?    IF my husband chooses not to take his company’s insurance plan they DO NOT PAY HIM FOR NOT TAKING IT.   HE is just out of insurance.  From what I understand not to many districts do this anymore.  IT’S becoming a thing of the past.    AS it should .. GOOD Grief.

It would save the district a nice amount of money a academic year.  25,000 that is a lot of money.

From the meetings I have been to when the employee handbook was discussed teacher’s and staff have fought some of  the suggested policy changes.  The fact is.   Act 10 is here.  Things are not going to stay the way they were.   Teacher’s and staff are not going to continue to have the nice cushy working arrangements they had before ACT 10.

Even if Act 10 were ever over turned, it will never go back to how it was before ACT 10.

But I think administration needs to be fair.

Even though I do not completely agree with Scot Walker on this,  some thing needed to change in our education system.  Scott Walker just went about it the wrong way.

It’s past time for everyone to play nice, fair and be grown ups.


News paper article from the Evansville Review,  March 6th 2013.   Article written by   Halina Zakowicz




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  1. The amount paid in cash in lieu is much higher than $25,000. That is only the amount paid to married couples who both work in the district (5 of them). The entire cash in lieu amount is over $100,000. I just can’t figure out which line item in the budget is cash in lieu in the new budget documents. That would be another 15 people selecting cash in lieu because their spouses already have insurance.

  2. chasinthenews Says:

    Thank You Melissa for clarifying this. I was excited at the thought of the district saving 25,000 so knowing its actually over 100,000 that would be a huge savings if they do away with ” Cash In Lieu” .

    Thanks again.

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