The team I wanted to win , WON!!!!!


I tried telling my self I did not care who won the Super Bowl.    Why should I ?    Our Packer’s were not playing so it did not matter.

But it did.    I very much wanted the Ravens to win.   I think Ray Lewis is Awe Some on and off the field.    I am very happy for him that his career ended with a Super Bowl win.

I could have wanted the San Fransico Forty- Niners to win, that way we could say the team that beat the Packer’s in the play offs won the Super Bowl.    They did not deserve it.  They are , or should I say were very arrogant.

Just some of their comments along the way to the Super Bowl, and then comments during the week made by certain players.  I do believe they fully expected to win.

Kaepernick actually looked rattled in the first half.   That was the first time I ever noticed him looking less than confident.    I loved it.   I did not see him kissing his biceps last night did you?

Like the Packer’s at times , the Raven let San Fran come right back in the game.  But the Raven’s defense was better and it showed last night.  The Ravens wanted it more!

I also can not stand the coach of the 49’s.    He just comes off as such a spoiled loon.   Tantrums on the side line by him, do not help him.

It was a great game and our entire house hold was very happy with the outcome..


Congrats to the Ravens , Ray Lewis and all their purple fans!!

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