Report: U.S. Justice Department to review Heenan shooting. Many attended community meeting Tuesday

I am very glad to read this. This case needs to be looked at by as many eyes as possible. No police department should investigate itself when there is a death of a citizen. If in the end no fault is found with the police department or officer involved they cannot investigate themselves.

Several weeks ago there was an article in the paper about a couple of officer’s who had been disciplined for not getting paper work in on time, yet this officer kills an unarmed man and gets nothing? Some thing very wrong with considering this Officer Steven Heimsness has a history of abuse.

I am glad to know that he is not yet back on the streets. I have to wonder if he is not collecting full pay or at the least disability pay. I am sure he is trying to claim he is not ready to come back yet. I hope he never does. There are hundreds of thousands of good officer’s out there and he is not one of them.

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